Saturday, 18 July 2015

Shiny Moments

Hi all, hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! 
The summer sure seems to be flying by or is that just us? Here are a few of our shiny moments from this week:)

Re-discovering old recipes is always a nice. This Avoca cookbook is an all time favourite when looking for something nice but a little different to cook :) 

A Friday morning that starts like this is always a shiny moment :) 

I had a fabulous time celebrating my birthday with my besties in Kilkenny. Great food, yummy cocktails, amazing music (anyone looking for a wedding band, check out the Papa Zitas) and lots of laughs.We had a ball!

Spotted this very cute shop front and just had to pop inside for some yummy old school sweeties!

We're still on a sugar high here after just enjoying this gorgeous birthday cake....

Have a great Saturday night!
Laura & Anne