Saturday, 8 August 2015

Shiny Moments

Hello and welcome to the weekend! We  hope everyone had a good first week of least the sun came out a bit more this week and there was also some lovely evening sunsets which are always uplifting to see :) 

Here are a few shiny moments from our week....

Our local Jolly's restaurant never fails to deliver on brunch-we just love their poached eggs on toast!

My M&S denim shirt dress arrived and I love it! Will do a full blog post on it shortly as I think I will be wearing it a lot for A/W:) Anne

Spotted on the streets of Dublin! This pink bike with gorgeous flowers in the basket was too cute. I just had stop and take a photo:) Laura

An amazing sky over Dublin the other beautiful to look at :)

We hope you all have a lovely weekend:)

Anne & Laura xx