Sunday, 14 February 2016

Shiny Moments...

Happy Valentines day! 

A big bunch of red roses makes for a gorgeous start to this week's round up of Shiny Moments :)

It has been a week filled with sweet treats! On Thursday, we went along to the unveiling of the Swatch spring collection and were spoiled with these cute cupcakes.

More yummy cake on a quick day trip to Cork...

We also enjoyed a preview screening of a new Irish film, Shoebox Memoriesahead of it's exclusive debut at Dingle Film Festival. Pitched as a love story inspired by music, it certainly captured our hearts and we highly recommend checking it out! 

My outfit for a birthday party on Saturday night......that turned out to be a surprise engagement party!! I'm so thrilled for my friend Nicole and her new fiancè - I can't wait for the wedding planning to begin :)

Enjoy the rest of your evening and have a great week!

Laura & Anne