Thursday, 25 February 2016

Silk Scarves...

For me a scarf is an everyday wardrobe essential and much as I love my big chunky warm ones for winter, I am so looking forward to adding a few new lighter versions to my collection!

 I love the feel of a silky scarf and they are a fab way to add a little final finesse to any outfit. These are a few photos I love, to show how they can be worn in so many different ways:)

There are lots of different size squares and lengths available depending on how you want to wear your scarf! I love the little simple neck squares worn with a white shirt and blazer or to jazz up a plain knit jumper as in the first photo:) The longer styles look great tied loosely with a light coat or trench.

Thses are a few more pretties I have come across online...

Painted posy silk scarf from Accessorize

Bandana silk scarf from M&S available in two colours

or if you prefer a longer style scarf this delicate floral print is also available from  M&S

Stunning colours from Irish print designer Susannagh Grogan- a bit pricier than the high street versions, but a lovely investment and a fab statement piece to add to your wardrobe.

Mochino silk scarf in folk floral print at Asos

Hope you are all having a good week:)

Take Care:)
Anne xx