Sunday, 8 May 2016

Shiny Moments

Hello and welcome to our latest round up of Shiny Moments :) Gotta love a bank holiday and a short week - the weekend came around nice and quick! We did think we were going to have a heatwave this weekend and although it got off to a false start yesterday, today turned out just gorgeous! 

Here is a little look back at our highlights from last week...

I spent a lovely few days down in Cork with my mum and the bit of sunshine made it all the better. This was the view from the golf club where we had a gorgeous lunch on Monday :) Anne

I finally got around to painting my ancient terracotta bathroom tiles. I was going to rip them out but I think the paint job is actually going to work in there, so we can just add some new accessories and see how it looks! Anne

Bubbles are always a good way to celebrate Friday and kick start the weekend! I'm loving this 'La Fornarina' Prosecco from Tesco lately. Laura

I popped along to Cleaver East again for brunch this weekend and oh my god...this dessert was heaven on a plate! The holiday diet starts tomorrow...

Tan sandals and white jeans are out for a sunny Sunday afternoon in the city!

We hope you all have a lovely week :)
Anne & Laura xx