Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Galway Girl...Outift Diaries

Hi everyone, hope your week is off to a good start :)

I had a fab weekend celebrating my birthday in Galway and it was the perfect excuse to treat myself to a couple of new dresses! I had lots of requests for links over on Instagram, so I thought I'd do a quick round up and share a few more photos over here.

On the first night, I wore this pink swishy number from ASOS. I had been trawling the shops for the past couple of weeks but couldn't find anything I liked. It's that in between sale and new season time, where its so difficult to even see anything amongst the racks! So I hit up ASOS and this dress immediately caught my eye. I was even happier when it arrived and fabric and colour was so much nicer than it looked online.


In my true last minute dot com fashion, I picked up my second dress mere hours before we hit the road for Galway. The minute I laid eyes on it in Brown Thomas, I knew it was so me! Beautiful cream silk, lace and I loved the flattering v neck and 3/4 length sleeves. This Maje beauty was a bit pricey but it's a true investment piece that I'll wear again and again. It'll be perfect for my upcoming holiday, dressed down with flat sandals. Equally in the winter, I can see myself pairing it with a leather jacket and a pair of ankle boots for an edgier look!

I have to give a special mention to Tribeton, where we enjoyed a gorgeous meal on Saturday night. The atmosphere was amazing, as was the food and wine! I definitely recommend a visit if you're in Galway.

Finally, thanks to my fabulous roomie Aoife for sharing your birthday weekend with me :)
Double celebrations are the best kind of celebrations!


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Visit to The Orchard...

Last Sunday I brought my mum for a trip to the award winning Orchard lifestyle and garden store in Celbridge Co Kildare. I had been there myself once before and especially loved the well laid out interiors section. 

I knew my mum would love a stroll around the beautiful garden centre as she adores browsing and seeking out unusual plants, so it was the perfect place to head on a glorious sunny Sunday afternoon.

I fell in love with all the furniture layouts on display and of course immediately felt the need to change every colour scheme in the house!! Anyhow I settled for buying a new cushion in summery colours to add a fresh vibe to my sunroom:)

After strolling around the beautiful garden centre we couldn't leave without stopping into the friendly cafe, for a lovely cup of coffee and cake before going home.

 The Orchard is well worth a visit if anyone is in the Kildare area and looking for somewhere different to visit.

Hope you are all having a good week:)

Take Care!

Anne xx

Monday, 3 July 2017

Six month clear braces with MyDental...the journey so far

Happy Monday and happy July all! Long time, no blogging - June just went by in a whirlwind of work, travel, weddings, birthdays and everything in between!

Today though, marks four months of life with braces -  so I thought it was high time I did a little update on the journey so far!

Braces are something I have been considering for a number of years but I always put them off thinking they were too expensive or that they would be too much hassle! That all changed when MyDental became my local dentist practice and opened up a whole new realm of opportunities.

I first booked into MyDental last May for a routine scale and polish. I was looked after by Dr. Victor, who asked if I had ever considered braces? From there, I was offered a free consultation to understand a little bit more about process and establish if I was a suitable fit. After having the consultation and doing some research, I was amazed that the process could be completed in six months and a payment plan meant the cost could be spread out also. So I bit the bullet and thought, it's now or never! With lots of weddings, special occasions and the big 3-0 looming next year, I decided it was the right time to finally get my teeth sorted out!

The path to straight teeth hasn't been plain sailing though. Before I could begin the process, I had to have not one, not two, not three....but all FOUR wisom teeth removed! This filled me with absolute dread and I was petrified at the thoughts of it! I can honestly say, Dr. Victor made the whole treatment a breeze. His calm, relaxed nature put me right at ease and apart from one particularly difficult tooth, I didn't even notice the others being removed!

When planning on getting braces, especially if you want them finished in time for a particular occasion, it's important to factor in treatment like the above (and recovery time). So my top tip is to go for that consultation sooner rather than later! I wish I had done it ages ago!

I finally had my first set of braces fitted on the top arch on 3rd February this year followed by the bottom arch later on in April. My bottom arches needed a little more work than the top, so they were put on later in order to create space. Now, I'm not going to sugar coat it - the first week was pure agony! My gums were swollen, I had blisters, eating was difficult and I felt like my whole mouth was trapped in a cage. But with a steady dose painkillers, dental wax and a liquid diet - I made it out the other side! And now I have become so used to them that I forget they're there half the time!

Being clear braces, I do have to be careful with what I eat. So it's bye bye curries and the like! Luckily, I'm not a red wine drinker! I've become used to carrying a toothbrush everywhere and you do need to be rigorous with your cleaning routine. Other than that, they really haven't required much work or change to my usual routine at all.

The results to date are amazing, especially with the top arch. I noticed the difference after only a few weeks and family and friends even began to comment. I'm going back every four to six weeks at the moment to have the wires adjusted and tightened with Dr. Jamie - who again is so pleasant and friendly and makes the process so much easier! 

People have asked if I feel self conscious about the braces at all, or if I find it difficult to eating in public. Like everything, you adjust and while I was a very aware of them at the start, the braces have now become the norm. If anything, the results have me smiling more than ever - and I'm so excited to make it to the finish line, hopefully in time for Christmas.

I mentioned earlier that the price had put me off getting braces in the past but MyDental is by far the most affordable out there - especially considering how quickly they deliver results. You can get a full set of clear braces for €2600 and this cost can be spread out over a number of months, making it far more accessible than I would have imagined!

For more information, check out www.mydental.ie and if you have any questions at all, feel free to drop me a message over on Instagram!


Monday, 26 June 2017

Italian holiday....

Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying sunny June, another month has absolutely whizzed by again! I have been on holiday and Laura is extremely busy with work so our blogging took a bit of a backseat this month! 

Anyhow I had an amazing time in Italy and can't wait to go back to visit again. These are some photos from the three cities we visited this time round....

We flew to Rome and stayed there for four nights  exploring the city.

Vatican City


We did all the usual tours with the guides but I think we were happiest just spending time wandering all the side streets where there was something pretty around every corner.

Then on we went by train to Florence, which was lovely as we got to see lots of the stunning Tuscan countryside as the train whizzed by.

Florence is an amazing city, the capital of Italy's Tuscany region is home to some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen, stunning views down the river Arno and the streets are full of amazing shops...if only I had an empty suitcase to bring it all back!!

We stayed in the Pitti Palace hotel right in the centre of Ponte Vecchio and only a short stroll from the amazing Boboli gardens. 

The hardest part at night was trying to decide which restaurant to dine in as they all looked amazing!

Our favourite was on the Piazza del Duomo right in front of the amazing Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral... 

I was actually a little sad leaving Florence, but we had beautiful Venice to look forward too for the last leg of our trip.

Our hotel in Venice the Pesaro Palace was just gorgeous and had a landing bay for the city waterbuses right outside, perfect for exploring the city by day,

We also enjoyed a thirty minute gondola ride down the canals during our stay

and learnt a few bits about some of the historical buildings of Venice as we sailed on by....

We had a pretty little courtyard garden at the hotel to relax in at night, badly needed after all the walking we were doing during the hot afternoons.

We will definitely be holidaying in Italy again sometime as we really enjoyed our trip! I would love to visit Positano and explore some of the Amalfi coast in the future.

Hope you all have a good week:)
Anne xx